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When done right. engineering is a holistic process, carried out by expert professionals in the field. It’s a service that can be endlessly complex, making it absolutely vital you partner with dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced veterans in the business.

We’ve worked with static equipment like pressure vessels, shell & tube heat exchangers, towers, reactors, and evaporators, as well as rotating machinery like pumps and compressors. Naturally, our entire team is familiar with international codes and standards, from ASME to TEMA to API. We make it our mission to provide the most comprehensive engineering service available, and with our resume bearing the names of global companies and projects, it’s safe to say we’re succeeding in that mission.

Why G & M Engineering Services?

Our engineers have expertise in every type of facility, field, and machine, as well as the supplemental works like reviewing designs, contractor documents and drawings, and the full coordination of projects, regardless of time frame or scope. Whether it’s on or offshore, servicing or procurement, we’ve seen it and done it, time and time again.

It all comes down to experience. We’ve helped countless companies – from local ventures to international operations – take charge of their machinery. Our past work has taken us into the petrochemical, oil and gas, offshore, power, and pharma spaces, putting us in a prime position to service your needs.

Our Approach

Every project is different, requiring different skills, techniques, and processes. That said, our approach is built on a few pillars: professionalism, partnership, trust, and passion. These are constant, whichever of these services we’re providing:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Third-party design audits
  • Piping system, rotating equipment, controls system, and failure analysis
  • Fitness for service
  • Risk assessment
  • Full engineering documents

Our engineering services are near endless, and we can say with absolute confidence we can cater to your needs without issue. We endeavor to work with you, not for you, making you involved in the decision process from start to finish. Contact us anytime for a full, no obligation discussion about your needs.

Let us assist you in focusing on solving the complex challenges

and decisions facing your company today.

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