The result? Companies that do more.

ERP software systems are only part of the package. By investing in and focusing on robust, efficient ERP implementation, our clients get far more out of their software, whether it’s in technical infrastructure efficiency and LEAN methodologies or in reducing long term maintenance costs through breakdown prevention.


Of course, each company has their own metrics of successful ERP implementation strategies, ranging from the initial cost to ROI. At G&M, we believe these metrics should run deeper, analyzing disruption during setup as well as adoption rates.


Ultimately, the goal with ERP Implementation is to be minimally disruptive while striving for maximum results for your business. At G&M, we have the years of experience to reduce that disruption and boost results in the short, medium, and long term.

Why G & M Engineering Services?

We’re experts in ERP implementation specifically, as opposed to providing a general, mid-level service. That means our expertise runs start to finish, from conception to ongoing improvements to ensuring adoption. As with any of our projects, we want to work with you, not for you. To that end, we want you to be involved in decision making, giving us insights into your operations and workforce that can impact how we implement ERP strategies. It goes without saying, but we’ve proven ourselves time and time again working with globe-straddling clients and household names in multiple industries.

Our Approach


We adhere to a process called ASAP methodology, shorthand for accelerated SAP implementation. What does it mean? Simply – we run things hyper-efficiently via a proven, repeatable, and repeatedly successful approach. It’s a five step process that goes like this:


  • Project Preparation – We build a core team to run the entire project. In phase 1, we develop objectives, management strategy, principles, and an approach that works. The result is a detailed, high level project plan.
  • Business Blueprint – Here, we build a detailed document that serves as a common understanding of how your company intends to run SAP in support of their objectives.
  • Realization – Phase 3 is the implementation of all the business process requirements outlined in the previous phase. Here, the team undergoes testing, data cleaning, preparation, collection, validation, and of course, further testing.
  • Final Preparation – In Phase 4, as the name suggests, we undergo more testing, including testing of the end user, system management, and cutover activities, all with a mind to see how ready we are to go live. Part of the process is resolving open critical issues and running a final system rehearsal.
  • Go Live & Support – Here, we conduct site-specific implementation OCM, and our help desk continuously supports the end user. A key element of Phase 5 is continuous improvement, which means continuous review of processes and efficiency.



Many companies don’t consider the implementation strategy of their ERP programs, and it ends up costing them in the short and long term. With G&M, you get a strategy that has worked for clients large and small in multiple industries, designed to be as efficient as possible. To discuss your ERP Implementation in detail, contact us anytime.


At G & M Engineering Services, we focus on adding value to our customers.


We work with you, in order for your organization to benefit the most from your technical platforms. Further ensuring that outcome supports organizations strategy and yields the highest ROI.


Let us assist you in focusing on solving the complex challenges and decisions facing your company today.
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