Each company has its own philosophy on Enterprise Resource Planning.
Ours is built around efficiency.

As manufacturing and mechanical industries advance, effectively managing assets and resources only gets more important.

Of course, there are multiple ways to approach inventory control, purchasing, and schedule management. Our ERP training is designed to make your business operations easier, more efficient, and less of a headache.

Who can benefit from ERP training? Anyone, particularly if they’re a key decision maker in supply chain management, plant maintenance, or quality assurance. The training we give, provides them all the tools to understand and effectively manage the IT solutions that power the business.

Why G & M Engineering Services?

Quite simply, we’re about extraordinary results, and we understand what our clients need from their ERP training; a tool that’s easy to understand, implement, and ultimately, adopt for the end-user. We’ve developed SAP programs for world leaders in the energy and military space.

Founded with the goal of being the world’s premier consulting, engineering, and project management organization, we put our years of experience into every project. When it comes to ERP training, we understand how important it is to your staff and company, so we make sure it’s comprehensive, effective, and designed to be easily digested.


Our Approach

Whether it’s Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP, or Maximo, we fully tailor our ERP training around our clients, bearing practicality and the end-user in mind. We can deliver:


  • Strategy and planning of the training itself
  • A role-based day-in-the life training style
  • E-Learning via video tutorials and presentations
  • Reference guides and manuals
  • Classroom and 1-1 support
  • Full go-live and follow up support
  • Full go-live and follow up support


Ultimately, when you purchase training, you need to know you’re learning from the best. With G & M, that’s a given. To discuss ERP training in detail, contact us anytime.


At G & M Engineering Services, we focus on adding value to our customers.


We work with you, in order for your organization to benefit the most from your technical platforms. Further ensuring that outcome supports organizations strategy and yields the highest ROI.


Let us assist you in focusing on solving the complex challenges and decisions facing your company today.
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