Every Company Hinges on the Reliability and Integrity of their Assets.

We’ll help keep yours running smoothly.

If your business is mechanized, it doesn’t run if your machines don’t. It’s that simple. What’s more, it’s likely your assets have to be in status with multiple regulatory agencies, meaning regular check-ups and tests. For larger companies, it’s easy to lose a handle on your machinery. Unreliability and testing failures can mean heavy fines and heavier downtime, costing you precious hours, income, and peace of mind. That’s where we come in.

Why G & M Engineering Services?

At G & M Engineering Services, we’re specialists in MI and AIM, so we know our way around setting up and managing a tight facility. Backed by 20+ years of experience, our experts can plan, develop, and implement integrity programs that are cost-effective, time-saving, and designed to meet process safety management (PSM) regulations. We don’t work for you – we work with you to gain a full understanding of your needs, leading us to solutions that are cost-effective, reliable, and accurate.

Our Approach

With experience working on oil field, pipeline, and refinery mechanical integrity and reliability programs, it’s safe to say; we know the stakes are high. With that in mind, we provide:

  • Integrity inspection, reporting, certification and data management
  • Risk Based Inspection planning and support
  • Engineering and Fitness-for-Service assessment
  • Calculations for repairs, alterations and Fitness-for-Service
  • Design and commissioning of online condition monitoring systems
  • Task and Testing Schedules for Covered Equipment and Piping
  • Inspection and Testing Forms
  • Documentation of Construction Materials
  • Equipment and Piping Design Calculations
  • Quality Assurance Programs
  • Maintenance and Mechanical Integrity Related Procedures
  • Mechanical Integrity Related Training
  • Piping Isometrics, Testing Points, and Related Remaining Life and Corrosion Calculations
  • PSV Calculations, Certifications, and Related Documentation
  • Testing Documentation
  • Testing and Deficiency Corrective Actions
  • Software selection, installation and data loading for asset register/U1 data forms

Undoubtedly, the reliability and integrity of your mechanical assets are absolutely key to your business. When you work with G & M, you get a company with the experience, passion, and ability to keep yours running at peak performance.

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