“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence- it is to act with yesterday’s logic. “
~Peter Drucker Managing In Turbulent Times 1980

About 70% of organizations’ change management processes and ability to sustain success and adapt to a changing environment fail, due to too many critical steps in the change process being ignored. Primarily, the steps involving communication. Focus on Change Management becomes pivotal in order to successfully implement and adopt changes.

The demands for change and the interest in Organizational Change Management is not a new phenomenon. We live in a world of change, and always have. What differentiates today’s situation from yesterday’s, is the speed by which changes occur. Earlier planned changes, and products, had a longer life cycle, thus changes were experienced as critical periods disturbing the normal state in organizations. Today, on the contrary, the normal state in many organizations is change.



At G & M Engineering Services, we focus on adding value to our customers. Our highly skilled consultants unite knowledge, experience and people skills. We understand that every customer is unique, thus we collaborate with our clients to deliver successful, tailor made solutions. We work with you in order for your organization to build the environment in which your management can lead the employees through a change process and achieve the desired outcome. We consult with you on the application of a structured process. We ensure that the process and the reason for change and the outcome is formulated concise, clear and understood by all that will be affected by the change.

Our Approach

  • Create a burning platform
  • Identify type of project, actual change and outcome (Impact Analysis)
  • Outline a change strategy
  • Outline a communications plan
  • Proactively look out for risks and resistance
  • We facilitate the process and consult with Management, key persons, and Stakeholders



Ensuring that your Company is among the 30% that succeed and that outcome of change is implemented and adopted by the organization’s employees and is aligned with your organization’s values. Further ensuring that the outcome supports the organization’s strategy and yields the highest ROI.

Let us assist you in focusing on solving the complex challenges and decisions facing your company today.

Learn more about how we at G & M ensure successful change:

We create plans for success, sets realistic expectations and leads teams to achieve the expected results.

We turn complex technology implementations into manageable projects with strong user adoption.

We deliver lasting performance improvement by helping clients to develop and adopt value-driven processes.

We help our clients to operate at their full potential by aligning employees’ capabilities with the ultimate business goals.

We embed the content that employees need to succeed into the context of the organization.

We maximize M&A benefits with a structured approach to creating integration success.

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