The complexities of projects are still increasing, and often the difference between failure and success is contingent by the management of the project to the same extent as the solution design itself.

At G & M, we work with you, in order for your company to achieve and ensure:

  • Success with your projects
  • Your projects create value for your company
  • Your solutions get a good start from requirements specifications to operation
  • Deliverable according to quality, budget and deadline 

We focus on adding value to our customers. Our highly skilled consultants are certified project managers that unite knowledge, experience and people skills. We understand that every customer is unique, thus we collaborate with our clients to deliver successful tailor made solutions within.

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Our Approach

  • Assisting in project planning
  • Helping to recover failing projects
  • Leading initiatives from start to finish


Objectives are accomplished in ways that maximize business value.

Our Approach

  • Lead, organize and develop your project office
  • Ensure that project office’s strategy is aligned with company strategy
  • Ensure that Project office time is used on beneficial activities and services
  • Align expectations and measure effect of project office’s work


Adding effect and value by effectively aligning strategy and execution in the design and implementation of solutions that meet each client’s specific needs and goals.

Our Approach

  • Assisting with projects in the program
    • Coordination & resource allocation
  • Ensure that the expected effect is achieved
  • Ensure that no tasks fall outside the projects (White Space)
  • Ensure that all interdependencies between projects are defined


Improving your project portfolio management tools and processes so that you can accurately evaluate, prioritize, and execute projects that support your organization’s strategy and yield the highest ROI.

Let us assist you in focusing on solving the complex challenges

and decisions facing your company today.

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