Without clear, precise writing that outlines the specifications and directions for use, be it operation procedures, instruments, product specifications and descriptions or vital medical information, it becomes meaningless or ignored by your audience.

Our technical writers provide clear content to products and processes, and convey complex information in a simple and easily understandable context.

We consult with you and assist on all steps of the technical writing process. We ensure that the process and the final texts are formulated concise clear and understood by the majority of your audience. Regardless of subject of industry or level of complexity, we have the ideal technical writers for your project.


What We Offer

Our highly skilled technical writers unite knowledge, experience and people skills when producing high quality deliverable.


A selection of what we do:

  • User guides
  • Online help
  • Web-based documentation
  • Operator manuals and installation guides
  • Programmer and administrator guides
  • Technical reference manuals
  • Sarbanes Oxley documentation
  • Proposals
  • Process documentation, SOPs, work flows and work integrations
  • Training materials
  • Policies, procedures and ISO 9000 documentation
  • System design documents and assembly manuals


At G & M Engineering Services, we focus on adding value to our customers.

We work with you, in order for your organization to convey your technical material.

Further ensuring that outcome supports organizations strategy and yields the highest ROI.

Let us assist you in focusing on solving the complex challenges and decisions

facing your company today.

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